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Methodology - Word Processing India

In a dynamic digital environment organizations and professionals are finding the need to provide highly targeted information very quickly to customers, suppliers, and employees. word processing India enable in word processing personalized documents to communicate and share knowledge with staff and customers effectively for journalists, reporters, authors, educators, health care professionals, writers, graduate students, entrepreneurs and businesses – large or small.

By combining proven operational reliability with state-of-the- art technology, Word processing India deliver superior solutions for your word processing needs. We follow a standard methodology to ensure that your projects are completed on time and within your budget.


Work flow of word processing services:

  • Our consultants conduct a project feasibility study by working closely with your experts
  • Develop specifications by gathering your documents and business rules
  • Data input from different sources including hardcopies, image files, databases and web pages
  • Your text, database, graphics in formats such as GIF, JPG and Bitmap are interpreted and organized
  • This data is integrated according to the desired format, layout, and other rules that control the proper placement in the document
  • Formatting such as line breaks, page breaks, images, headers, and footers are managed dynamically and placed in the proper location
  • The final out put formats depend on your needs — PowerPoint, PDF, HTML etc

Our word processing services can be utilized in a wide range of applications including:

  • Product Catalogs:
    Production of catalogs containing text integrated with images, illustrations, part numbers, and product attributes

  • Customer Statements:
    Transforms your standard customer statement into a highly valuable document with integrated graphs, tables, charts, diagrams and maps

  • Membership Directories:
    Assist in the production of documents such as membership lists that change frequently

  • Technical Manuals:
    Update technical specifications in your documentation

  • Business Reports:
    Tabulation, formatting and publishing of large volume of presentations

  • Advanced Mail and Fax Merge:
    Creates advanced mail or fax merge documents contain text, detailed graphics and other information

  • Marketing Collateral:
    Creates customized information that captures the prospects’ attention

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